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  1. Hi my name is George Huddson Im from out of town but I like brick & morter shops over online especialy when its music related. I was wanting to see
    about getting some Guitar Lessons. And Im also interested in getting a Gretch hollow body new or used Im taking up the
    guitar again after many years ( early 1970’s ) I was about to buy from Sweetwater but I wasnt
    treated very well . I guess because Im kinda old and not into
    the salesmans stuff. He had never herd of the Byrds!
    I ask him to refer me to an older sales person and he said
    that wouldnt make any difference. I told him if you have no apprecation for the contribution my generation made to the music world ( 1960’s ) we cant realy talk music He said to me no offense but can I be honest with you? that stuff sounds
    like “#!.* ” Its no longer played by any musicians he knows And he actualy told me I had been blinded by the hype and that the Beatles were not even decent musicians way overrated gor too long.
    I got very emotional and said goodby. that was a year ago and I no longer wanted to pick up the guitar again. But I come across your place by chance and felt the urge too check things out. and have read the great reviews But I want to be sure I have the right ‘ Stan ‘ This is Mr. Stan Joyce? I was told be sure to speak to Stan Joyce he was more my age.
    if you could please text me to confirm at ********* the reason for a text is I dont take calls I dont know. so if you would be kind to reply or just send a yes or no text ‘Im Stan Joyce’ if so I look forward to stopping by you Store to meet you!
    George Huddson

    1. Hello Mr Hudson,

      I would be happy to speak regarding guitar lessons and guitar selection. Our hours are 10-5 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and 10-3 on Saturday. Our email address is stansmusicshop@gmail.com and our phone is 760-228-1514.

      Kind Regards, Stan Joyce

      1. Hi Stan thank you for replying to my question I was wondering if your there everyday or if you have other people filling in ? I will be coming from The IE, in a few weeks and I hope to meet you, as I mention Iam older
        and hope you and I might have a few things musicaly in comon, I dont know your age but Iam 70 ! Ouch! I know thats not cool! I asume that your not a youngster having a music store I have found the under 30 and 40 musicians are nice enough but their eyes glaze over when I mention talents like Jimmy Page or Eric Clapton You see I have a personal connection to their heyday, I look like a train wreck now but when I was 17 we were young riding the wave of a musical explosion sweeping the country we were learning licks straight off the albums of guitar giants it wasnt like today learning off you tube, although I was blessed to know and watch some great guitarist launch their carrers Jim Messina Joe Casada both gave me a few lessons back in 1964-1966 I was especialy turned on by the Yard Birds,the early Stones CCR and the Byrds only guys my age can realy grasp the effect the music had on us It was nothing less than Magic The music poured out from every genre I get quite emotional and choke up hearing this stuff again Im still 18 in my heart, I have not felt connected around young kids I have nothing in comon really and I put down the guitar back in 1978 after my Guitar and gear were stolen! I decided I was not meant to be a musician but my love of music could never be supressed, I become an Audiophile and started reproducing music from my home studio record library introducing guitar effects to make the listening experince one that will take you back,to rediscover what you have forgotten just How rich the music was in the 60’s , But recently something changed my direction I was reunited with my grandson age 16 and he has took up the guitar and is making good progress when I herd him I wanted to jam with him but no guitar! a fire was lit under me and after almost 40 years I wanted to hold my women in my arms again and play! but was I in for a rude awaking! a musician friend loaned me a ‘Dean ‘ acustic electric and I went to whip out a few bars of my old all time yard bird favorite and my hand felt like a wet noodle
        the brain sent the sketchy comand to play but it was like I had had a stroke! I put it down and tried again but 40 years had wiped away everything I couldnt play a C chord it felt like knives cutting my fingers I was humiliated crushed! but although Im starting all over again I thinking a place like yours is just right to begin picking up the pieces (no pun intended ) or ( how about “My back pages”?) Will you help me Mr Joyce? Im sorry about this long message but I wanted you to know more about me as a futuer customer Maybe early in February we can meet up at your store,

        1. Hello George,

          It is interesting that I am influenced by Jeff beck, Jimi page and Jimi Hendrix. I grew up in Colton California and attended a lesson from Joe Casados in South Colton. I jammed with Bobby Anglin of the Light before Joe took his place. The song Joe taught me was Jeff’s Boogie. I quit guitar for 5 years and picked it up again to play a gig (bleeding fingers). I also play pedal steel guitar and play in a country band. Give me a call 7602281514 hours 10 to 5 Pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 10 to 3. 760-228-1514.


          Stan Joyce

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